Paralegal Degree Program Online – Curriculum

Online Paralegal Courses Combine Essential Instruction with Convenient Delivery

Imagine the convenience of an online paralegal degree program combined with a curriculum that is designed to help prepare you to work in the legal system, including: courts, businesses, law firms and government agencies.(1)

With our online Associate of Science Degree Program in Paralegal, you have the opportunity to study a broad curriculum that will expose you to a variety of legal topics, theories and practices. From civil litigation and trial preparation to family and probate law to business and contracts, our curriculum covers a wide variety of today’s legal matters.

Remember, with our fully online Paralegal Program, courses are accessible via the Internet 24/7. Our online paralegal program is specifically designed to help make learning more convenient for busy, working professionals like you. Learn more today!

Associate or Lower-Level Paralegal Core Curriculum

BSN1108    Packaged Applications
OPL1111    Introduction to Paralegal Studies
OPL1121    Legal Research
OPL1122    Legal Writing
OPL1231    Legal Liability and Ethics
OPL1241    Civil Litigation and Trial Preparation
OPL2351    Business and Contracts Law
OPL2570    Family Law
OPL257    Probate Law
OPL2572    Real Estate Law
OPL2682    Bankruptcy Law

Associate or Lower-Level General Education

OGE1116     Introduction to Psychology
OGE1513    College Algebra
OGE1514    English Composition
OGE2524    Sociology

(1) Employment upon graduation not guaranteed.